NxWorries Enlist Snoop Dogg & October London for Smooth New Slow Jam “FromHere”

Published At: 17 May 2024 , 04:46 AM

Get prepared for an impact from the past! NxWorries, the profound collaboration between Anderson. Paak and Knxwledge, are dropping their moment collection, Why Lawd, the following month. To tide fans over, they've disclosed an unused track, "FromHere." This moderate stick mixes retro-soul vibes with a touch of pity, including visitor appearances from the incredible Snoop Dogg and rising R&B star October London (marked to Passing Push). It takes after the already discharged singles "86Sentra," the marvelous "Wandering off in fantasy land," and the H.E.R.-featuring "Where I Go. “The club throbs with music, but. Paak's heart hurts with a distinctive kind of beat. His verses resound the vacancy of the space she cleared out behind, an apparition torment in a put she likely isn't indeed in. He strolls out alone, the night reflecting the emptiness inside.


When they turn the lights low in the club it’s just a silhouette
And I don’t know why, (Why, why?) why I haven’t left, oh
Everybody’s got a little place (Place) that they own
But what about you and me? We could be a song (We could be a song)
How about we forget about it? Today’s a new day
The club ‘bout to shut down, girl—don’t leave me this way, oh, where (Leave me this way, oh, where)

Escaping the club's energy isn't the immediate answer. Paak retreats to his car, where the second verse finds him letting out his emotions.


It’s a little after three; I wish I had somewhere to be, someone to see (Ooh, baby)
I guess I gotta face my fears, roll the windows down
I hope the rain hides my tears; it’s where—

The chorus throws. Paak's world into disarray. October London croons, mirroring his internal turmoil. Both literally and figuratively, they search for answers: where is he going (in life and right now) after being shut out and left with nothing but the clothes on his back?


Where? Where?
Where do I go? (Where is it, Lord?)
Where do I—? (Ooh)
Where do I go to? (Ha!)
Where do I go (You done locked the door and threw away the key)
From here?
Ain’t no other place to go (All my clothes)

Snoop Dogg caps the melody off with a talked word outro, advertising a few signature Dogg shrewdness. He affirms what the audience as of now suspects -.Paak's in a genuinely terrible spot.


They say the worst thing that can happen to a man is comin' home to an empty bed but I beg to differ
Where do I go to?
Where do I go now?
I say the worst thing that can happen to a man is if his lady gets up and changes the locks and puts all his clothes on the front door, and now she’s nowhere to be found, and now you have nowhere to go

The "FromHere" video takes after a grief-stricken. Paak exploring a club pressed with coquettish couples. In the interim, Snoop Dogg holds court in a VIP booth, dropping information like a prepared sage.