Honey Lyrics - Matthew Dear

I hold
My fate
In my hands
In my hands
And I won′t
Set you back
No I won't
Slow God
I′m inside a cold steam
When my memory fails me
Focus lost upon rage
Run from the surface to safety
I won't let you fall down
I won't let them hate you
Laugh in the face of the curse now
Let them come and parade you
Would you last now
Would you last now, say it

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FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Honey"?
"Honey" is sung by "Matthew Dear".
ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Honey" song?
" Matthew Dear" has written the lyrics for the song "Honey".
ℚ.When was the last time lyrics modified for song "Honey"?
"Honey" song lyrics was modified on "12 Feb 2024".

About Honey


Album Black City

Matthew Dear

Live Listeners: 120
Total Listeners: 164621
Lyrics Updated at: 12 Feb 2024