Slowdance Lyrics - Matthew Dear

Here we go rose,
Locked in the basement.
I can′t forgive myself for running in time.
Jumping away,
Help me displace it.
I can't begin to tell you everything′s fine.
Some one has taken me into the fire and
It's like a potion,
Unleash its fever,
Its so strange.
It's a precious head crab[?],
Up in my (?)
I can′t be the one to tell you
Everything′s wrong.
It's like every bee sting,
Tries to make my ears ring.
Let them wash your face
And be singing your songs.
Bum bum bumbadum
Bum badabum bum bum badum...

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FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Slowdance"?
"Slowdance" is sung by "Matthew Dear".
ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Slowdance" song?
" Matthew Dear" has written the lyrics for the song "Slowdance".
ℚ.When was the last time lyrics modified for song "Slowdance"?
"Slowdance" song lyrics was modified on "12 Feb 2024".