Sidelines Lyrics - Nicki Wells

Close the door and sit with me
I know we've been fighting quite frequently
You only hold me when I'm sleeping
You only knock when my door's closed
You only want me when I'm trippin'
Over sidelines
Over sidelines
Over sideliens
Know I've become a bit of skeptic
Of love these days
It just seems like a battle
All I've known is a maze
So I'll be there on the horizon
Yeah you can find me on the edge
As far as the earth could never widen
Over sidelines
Over sidelines
Over sideliens

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FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Sidelines"?
"Sidelines" is sung by "Nicki Wells".
ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Sidelines" song?
" Nicki Wells" has written the lyrics for the song "Sidelines".
ℚ.When was the last time lyrics modified for song "Sidelines"?
"Sidelines" song lyrics was modified on "22 Feb 2024".

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Album Ellipsis

Nicki Wells

Live Listeners: 120
Total Listeners: 58
Lyrics Updated at: 22 Feb 2024

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