Overdue Lyrics - Tyla

Na na na na nah eh
Infatuated with the things you do
Don't have a single share of doubt in you
(stam wasami) I'm ready for you (for you)
Your love confessions were long overdue
Love (shuponed) that if you only knew
That my heart would now just belong to you
Hope you feel the spark between us two
My heart (gets so) the angles back to you
So now I'm hiding
You can't be so excited
I'm undecided
I gotta hide it
Hope one day you'll find it
Our loving sense, ooooh
My love for you isn't something new
I dream about us being the perfect two
My heart goes with when you leave the room
Deeply in love and you don't have a clue
This love often only comes for a few
Have this feeling but dunno what to do
Never hoped that you're feeling it too
Baby I'm waiting for you to come through
For now I hide it
I can't be so excited
I wanna say it, oooh
I gotta hide it
Hope one day you'll find it
Love is diamonds, oooh
Uh nah nah nahhh

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FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Overdue"?
"Overdue" is sung by "Tyla".
ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Overdue" song?
" Tyla" has written the lyrics for the song "Overdue".
ℚ.When was the last time lyrics modified for song "Overdue"?
"Overdue" song lyrics was modified on "12 Sep 2023".